Established in 1978

Forty-three years ago, PRATT Industries, Inc. started as a traditional American dream in Chicago, IL with Bob PRATT working side by side with his son, Bill, as they developed the most advanced intermodal trailer that the industry could envision.

Once Bob retired in 1997, Bill took ownership of PRATT and continued to grow the trailer division to include intermodal chassis, heavy haul equipment, housing/construction trailers, oilfield/fracking equipment, logging/mining, platform trailers, government equipment, and specialty equipment.

With PRATT’s dynamic engineering team having decades of experience and state of the art technology, PRATT is a proven industry leader that produces the highest quality and efficient products engineered to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. PRATT is a proven industry leader in the development of lightweight, high-strength durable transportation equipment. With our innovative engineering, technical expertise and service support, we can meet your most stringent requirements.

PRATT’s products are in every major fleet in the USA and in service worldwide. We have exported to Russia, Southeast Asia, The Philippines, South America, Mexico, Africa, Europe, The Caribbean and Canada. We have a reputation for quality with organizations around the globe from independent owners/operators to major corporations and the U.S. military. We are proud to boast the fact that our trailers have the highest resale value in the industry.

At PRATT we pride ourselves on being the innovators of the industry. We like to offer solutions rather than just products by helping our customers gain the competitive edge in the marketplace. Our mission is to set the industry standard by applying advance engineering and technical expertise to deliver innovative


At PRATT we constantly thrive on achieving your needs through excellent customer service, innovative engineering, the latest manufacturing techniques, and by being on the cutting edge of information technology.


Our business is making you successful in your business. PRATT leads the industry in specialty products, amassing more than 4,000 distinct product builds. And since PRATT-manufactured equipment has the highest resale value in the industry, you can trust that your purchase will meet your needs and protect your investment!