PRATT builds lightweight, high strength chassis, which are technically and innovatively-engineered. We have been building trailers for over 30 years. Over these years, we are constantly improving our Standard models and are simultaneously developing new innovative models.

Our years of experience provide you with quality trailers and excellent service support. Our trailers have the highest retail value in the industry. We make trailers that are heavy duty as well as light weight that gives our customers leading edge in the marketplace.

All this is possible through our advanced engineering, latest manufacturing techniques and the use of high quality top grade material in building our trailers.

Manufacturing Facts

  • Our manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art with the latest technology for quality fabrication. We completely assemble and test the equipment before it leaves our facility, therefore eliminating any “surprises” in the field.
  • PRATT uses advanced laser and plasma equipment available in the industry.
  • All of our Beams are welded using Automated Robotic Technology.
  • We use Latest techniques in jigs and fixturing.
  • This all results in more effective and efficient manufacturing that improves our productive capabilities and cuts costs.

Quality Features

  • We design and engineer our steel frame to reduce tare weight, increase payload and to lower operation maintenance.
  • We have more experience being the leading supplier of tank chassis than any other manufacturer in the intermodal industry. Over 45 major bulk carriers and major shippers utilize PRATT ISO tank container chassis to legally and safely transport their tank containers.
  • 40″ deck height enhances stability. PRATT chassis have wide 45″ main beam with 102″ wide tire width.
  • Hi-Strength Low Alloy T-1 Steel (100,000 – 150,000 psi yield strength) for main beam flanges.
  • Sliders incorporate the roller mechanism for friction free sliding.
  • Drop frames are designed for low deck heights and higher stability.
  • Tectyl rust prohibitive coating on the kingpin area.
  • High-pressure shot blast cleaning and descaling of frame components to prevent blistering and paint perforation.